Chumpi Khuya Initations with Joe Molloy Shaman
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Chumpi Khuya Initiation ~ Healing With Chumpi Stones

Chumpi Khuya, Chumpi Stone healing is a traditional Andean healing practice with stones. But learning to work with Chumpi Khuyas is more of an initiation than practice that can be taught. Over time, working with your stones the ancient wisdom of the Andes, the Cosmology of the Incas, and the wisdom of the stones is released to you. They help to attune you and open you to what is needed to bring harmony and balance as you work with your stones.

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There are different ways to work with your Khuyas. In my workshops I will teach you how I learned. I will share my initiation with you. My relationship with Chumpi Khuyas began with initiation from Don Isidro, a Shaman from Ausangate, while I was at Lake Tiitikaka.

Using sets of "7" stones I will guide you to connect with the spirit and energy of the Hanaqpacha, the Ukupacha, the Kaypacha. The three worlds of the Inca. You will learn to call upon and gift the blessings of these worlds and their spirits, the Wisdom of the Masters. The Ever Smiling Heart of the Incas. And so much more.

Chumpi Khuya is a beautiful, harmonising, balancing healing that you can learn to use in your own life, and to share with others.
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For details of workshops or to arrange a 1:1 Initiation and teaching with me please get in contact.

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